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Tyrone and Suraya Brendel Co-Founded BoVida in the beginning of 2018. Our mission is to bring a new and fresh local dining experience to Bolinas, where locals and tourists alike can feel welcomed and share the good vibes we have here in our little West Marin village. We take great pleasure in serving local and organic options made with love!

How we came about?

While traveling abroad on a surf trip to Indonesia, surfing as much as possible and coming in to the beach from the water only to refresh, rehydrate and refuel, it was during these marathon surf days in the hot Indonesian heat that I came to discover that Acai amongst other fresh super fruits were the best way to fuel my body with much needed nutrients and energy to keep surfing with out making me too feel to full or weighed down. So we knew we wanted to bring acai to our little town, but the reality is, Bolinas doesn't exactly share the same hot weather as places such as Bali that leave you quenching a smoothie or acai bowl every moment of the day. So we knew we had to offer more. Tyrone, having grown up on Gospel Flat Farm in Bolinas, had a hunch that a Local Organic Salad bar would be a well liked addition to our town. For the more often than not cold and foggy coastal Marin days, our Hot Paninis and Soups should give the locals and tourists alike plenty of healthy options to choose from!

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